Merry Christmas from HENRICH! 🎄

Dear Friends,

Just Wanted to Wish You and Your Loved Ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from All of Us Here at HENRICH!

Thank you so much for helping us make 2021 our best year yet!
Your support of our vision for HENRICH means the world to us.

We have experienced many new breakthroughs this year and have many more to share all through 2022! You’ll want to stay tuned for sure!...

Several highlights this year, we’ve been especially excited about, include:

1- Building a More Robust Online Staff and System to Serve You Better. As we have grown exponentially online, we have doubled down on selecting the perfect management team and staff to spearhead this up and will continue to do so to make your experience with HENRICH as good as possible every time.

2- Listening Intently to Your Comments/Suggestions/Request and Developing the HENRICH Technology to launch our new LICOS 2.0 and LRF Riflescope for the holiday season to deliver better performance across all features of the product. Check it out here

3- Our Globally Announced Partnership with Applied Ballistics and the recent launch of our New Ballistic Rangefinder & Ballistic Smart red dot- which is off to a record start- with more to come. Check these out here

We have even bigger announcements coming soon that you’ll absolutely want to stay tuned for. Here’s a few areas you’ll want to follow with HENRICH:

1- Super cool new content coming your way showing all the ways people are using HENRICH.

2- New Innovations we’ve been working on for many years are now slated for launch in Spring to Fall range for 2022

We look forward to continuing the relationship in the New Year and beyond to provide leading solutions for you and your family and friends for all your outdoor sports needs!

Best Holiday Wishes
All of us here at Henrich

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