Recoil Test for Smart red dot

Depends on our R&D technology–LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight built in a mini laser rangefinder has been increased the new functions of ranging distance and with OLED Display, that means except traditional features, you will know the ranging distance for your target, and get all your data from OLED Display directly.

Another highlight is that a wireless remote control which can be mounted anywhere in device and takes a single press to give you the ranging distance and angle, also a long time press button on the remote control can even move the sight setting to scan mode, allows you to stably range multiple objects  at different distances in real time. Yards or meters can be converted freely.Ranging, aiming and firing, you will find a such new weapon is so easy to operate and make your shooting more precise.

Look for it from Henrich Technology, it will be given you a new and innovative Smart Red Dot Sight. 


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