2022 NEW SMART Riflescope with Rangefinder


Why choose our NEW Rangefinder with riflescope ?


One piece of equipment is easier to handle than two different ones. Consolidating these devices means they will run on the same battery pack. You will also only have to learn one device instead of two different ones. Also, if the LRF is in the scope, it will stay mounted on the rifle instead of being carried separately.

Shot Speed

You will be able to take shots faster since you can stay on target while finding the distance. Keeping yourself on target will allow you to take more shots without breaking your firing position. Remember, accurate shooting requires repetition. This allows you to break your shooting position less often.


The scopes listed are definitely high-quality rifle scopes even without the addition of the rangefinder. All our products are reputable and known for top quality optics. And these scope/rangefinder combo’s fall right in line with this expectation. They are built well with top-notch optics. The rangefinder modules also do not have to hide behind a handheld device.


What’s the best riflescope magnification?
If I had to pick one solid magnification to recommend to anyone for any situation it would be either an 8x or 10x scope. If I were to have only one scope it would be a variable 3-9x magnification.

Do I need a fixed or variable magnification scope?
In all respects, a fixed power scope will be of a higher quality and more durable than a variable scope of the same cost. There are benefits to each but most all militaries opt for fixed scopes that tend to be more reliable and consistent.

What size objective lens do I need for my riflescope?
The objective lens should be matched to the magnification of a scope. There is no easy way to answer this question but you should always look through a scope if you can before you purchase it to make sure it is a clear, bright view.

Which riflescope reticle should I choose?
I only recommend two reticles for new scope shooters. If you are predominantly a hunter, go with a plain reticle with few or no internal markings. For tactical and long-range optics, a standard mil-dot reticle would be preferred.



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