QUICK Ballistic Rangefinder 800Y-2500Y Powered by Applied Ballistics
QUICK Ballistic Rangefinder 800Y-2500Y Powered by Applied Ballistics
QUICK Ballistic Rangefinder 800Y-2500Y Powered by Applied Ballistics

QUICK Ballistic Rangefinder 800Y-2500Y Powered by Applied Ballistics

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Powered by Applied Ballistics, Henrich ballistic rangefinder provides ballistic solutions out of the box to 875-1500 yards and pair with smart phones to facilitate setting and data input.Bluetooth function will realize the data input from the smart phone, such as gun type, bullet model, wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure and other parameters related to trajectory to the ballistic chip in the range finder, after the rangefinder measuring the distance, in less than a second, the ballistic chip quickly calculates the trajectory correction value, and displayed it on the display screen of the rangefinder to tell the shooter the most accurate Intuitive MOA or MIL values.

Henrich rangefinder of QUICK 2000BT and related APP are compatible with IOS 13 or above and Android 6 or above and upgraded version of Applied Ballistics. Our QUICK 2000BT and Applied Ballistics provide ballistic solution, the current ballistic distance is 875-1500 yards.

Our laser rangefinders combine accuracy and reliability to deliver confidence in the field. With various modes to support rifle and bows, QUICK 2000BT laser rangefinders can deliver an accurate range with your projectiles true flight distance in mind.

Henrich ballistics rangefinder provides convenient and accurate trajectory correction value for your outdoor shooting.

Powered by Applied Ballistics

Powered by Applied Ballistics, HENRICH provides a ballistic solution to 875 yards and 1500 yards out of the box and pairs with your smartphone for easy set up and data input.

Free to download

HENRICH rangefinder and associated app are compatible with Apple devices supporting IOS 13 or later and Android devices supporting Android operating system 6 or later.


The range finder is highly effective. It calculates the parameters in relation to your specific firearm and cartridge. For example, it will take into consideration the ballistic coefficient, sight height, muzzle velocity, and the zero range. The fact that it takes into consideration the different parameters makes it a highly effective range finder. The different parameters are automatically calculated which gives you an advantage when aiming. It is a range finder that will improve your shooting efficiency to a greater extent.

Easy to connect rangefinder

Range to 2200 yards, configure ballistics data, get holdovers, wind adjustment and more with onboard Applied Ballistics. Featuring Bluetooth capability, connect rangefinder to the HENRICH Ballistic app* -BOSS on your cell phone for easy data input, set multiple target distances, input environment, shot angle and much more.

Drop solutions in MOA, MIL,INCH and CM

Accurate, ultra-fast correction in MOA, MILS or designed for use with BDC turrets. Rich data displays simplify the shooting process, improved ranging tools feature target recognition and new remote modes. Programmed by a connected Bluetooth device and able to update wirelessly, Boss provides constant access to the latest software improvements

Combined with the powerful G1/G7 ballistic calculator

Combined with a powerful G1/G7 ballistic calculator, provides precise elevation and wind resistance solutions for any gun, any bullet, any shot. Gain confidence in your first shot with the all-in-one long-range shooting solution trusted by long-range hunters and shooters.

A custom resistance model for the bullet library accurately measures the bullet's resistance curve and corrects aerodynamic jump, rotational drift, Coriolis and fall scaling factors for accurate long-range firing.

Quick scan

At any distance its scan mode provides you the readings that are very precise, and it assures a safe and accurate shot every time. In other words it all happens super fast since it captures the surroundings/ environment every 0.3 seconds.

RED/BLACK display

The red and black display automatically switches according to the environment

Designed for hunting and shooting, the numbers on the display can be seen clearly  even in the dim light of dusk

Small target measurement

Measure a 1X1M target at 1400 yards 

Even within 1400 yards, it can accurately measure a 1X1 meter white target 


Using HENRICH's latest  optical quantum algorithm, the maximum range of the 905nm laser can reach 2200 yards

HD-LCD display

Specially designed for long range shooting and hunting, it adopts 90%  HD-LCD for easy target observation and measurement

Standard tripod interface

Standard tripod screw hole can be fixed to the range finder firmly on the tripod, for stable and accurate measurement range

OEM/ODM Support

We can provide a full range of solutions according to customer requirements from appearance design to technical update

Passed AB LAB tests

The HENRICH rangefinder has undergone multiple field tests in the United States by APPLIED BALLISTICS INC., and has been recognized at the range by all long range shooters for its clear performance


Data sheet of Rangefinder

Data sheet of Ballistic Rangefinder

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