LRF Module Q & A

Q:  How does the device mount? 

A:  There are screw holes reserved for installation and fixing on the module. 

      It can be installed horizontally or vertically.

      It should be installed according to the actual application.


Q: How does the display distances inside of the scope?

A: Our module uses data line to connect the display screen and the ranging module.

Video for Module: 

Video for Rangefinder:

Video for Smart red dot :


: Will it display on the screen of all digital thermal scopes, digital night vision scopes, and Optical lens scopes? 

A:  Yes, our LRF module can be integrated into your products and display on the screen of all digital scopes.


Q:  How does it transmit the display / yardage to the screen inside of the device? 

A:  Our module has TTL communication serial port and display screen connection, all data including meters or yards can be transmitted.


Q:  Does the device plug into the scope with a Type C plug / port? 

A:  We will provide the interface protocol, as long as your device has a ttl interface, it can be connected, or it can be transmitted through bluetooth


Q:  How about the cost?

A:  Our LRF Module including 1pc module + 1set USB to TTL serial port 

Basic functions: 1 single measurement, ranging + angle measurement

                           2 continuous measurement, ranging + angle measurement 

If need to customize, for example add ballistic chips or need to add display, then need the development cost as per demands.

Thanks let me know your details requirements about them.


Q: What is the warranty and how are warranty repairs handled?  

A: 2 years warranty, 6-month free replacement and 2-year free repair. 


Q: How is the device powered? 

A: The module can share power with other devices and our other products use CR2 3V battery. 


Q: How about the packing?

A: Below Pictures



Laser rangefinder module can be widely used in aiming , positioning , monitoring , security and other industries of distance acquisition , such as range finder sight distance measurement , UAV distance measurement to the ground , security industry distance measurement and breakpoint monitoring . In the optical aiming industry , it can be applied to the range measurement of ordinary optical scopes , night vision instruments , infrared thermography and other products to help hunters or shooters judge the effective shooting distance , so as to carry out ballistic 


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