2024 Prism scope
2024 Prism scope
2024 Prism scope
2024 Prism scope

2024 Prism scope

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Introducing the Revolutionary Riflescope with Integrated Rangefinder and Ballistic Projection

Forget bulky external rangefinders and outdated BDC reticles. This next-generation riflescope seamlessly integrates laser rangefinding with smart ballistic projection, offering unparalleled precision and adaptability for any hunting or shooting scenario.

Here's what makes this riflescope truly groundbreaking:

Military-Grade Technology: Inspired by the U.S. military's cutting-edge optics, this innovation represents the future of sights.
Miniature OLED Display: Powered by a next-gen OLED chip, the display offers exceptional clarity and brightness, even in low-light conditions.
Blue/Red Night Vision: Choose between blue or red illumination for optimal visibility in the dark, catering to your personal preferences and environmental conditions.
Versatile Platform: Compatible with a wide range of rifles and mounting systems, this riflescope adapts to your existing setup seamlessly.
This intelligent riflescope isn't just a hunting tool; it's a game-changer. Experience a new level of confidence and precision with every shot.


Reticle images 

Rangefinder Based Riflescope Instruction Manual

Trajectory correction and wind deviation adjustment of range finder sight



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