LRF Module Q & A

Q: How does the device mount?

A: The device is designed for versatile mounting options. There are screw holes strategically reserved for installation and secure fixation on the module. This allows for flexibility in how you choose to mount it, whether horizontally or vertically.

It's important to note that the installation orientation should be determined based on the specific requirements of your application. Whether you opt for a horizontal or vertical installation, the device ensures adaptability to seamlessly integrate into your setup, providing convenience and ease of use.


Q: How does the device display distances inside the scope?

A: Our module achieves the display of distances inside the scope through a data line connection. The display screen is intricately linked to the ranging module, ensuring seamless communication of accurate distance information. This integration enhances the user experience, providing clear and precise distance readings directly within the scope. The use of a data line guarantees a reliable and efficient connection, delivering the information you need for enhanced targeting and shooting accuracy.

Video for Module:           https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Fdxc_eOdIjI

Video for Rangefinder:    https://youtu.be/5-p31vdv9dw

Video for Smart red dot : https://youtu.be/V6tdcTWFF4Q


Q: Will it display on the screen of all digital thermal scopes, digital night vision scopes, and Optical lens scopes?

A: Yes, our LRF module seamlessly integrates with your products and can display on the screen of all digital scopes.

Q: How does it transmit the display/yardage to the screen inside the device?

A: Our module facilitates transmission through a TTL communication serial port and a display screen connection. All data, including measurements in meters or yards, can be efficiently transmitted.

Q: Does the device plug into the scope with a Type C plug/port?

A: We provide the interface protocol, allowing compatibility with devices featuring a TTL interface. It can be connected using a Type C plug or transmitted through Bluetooth.

Q: How about the cost?

A: Our LRF Module includes 1 module and 1 set of USB to TTL serial port. Basic functions encompass single measurement (ranging + angle measurement) and continuous measurement (ranging + angle measurement). Customizations, such as adding ballistic chips or a display, may incur additional development costs based on specific demands. Feel free to share your detailed requirements for further assistance.

Q: What is the warranty and how are warranty repairs handled?

A: We offer a 2-year warranty, including a 6-month free replacement and a 2-year free repair service.

Q: How is the device powered?

A: The module can share power with other devices. Additionally, our other products utilize a CR2 3V battery for power. If you have any specific power requirements, please let us know for further assistance.


Q: How about the packing?

A: Please refer to the images below for details.





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