10 Advantages Ballistic RangeFinder 2022

10 Advantages for 2022 BEST RangeFinder:

  • 1. High-Performance :
  • World’s most compact and precise High- Performance Modular LRF-Unit. Snaps onto Observation and Targeting Optical instruments.
  • 2. Small target measurement :
  • Even within 1000 yards, it can accurately measure a 1X1 meter white target.
  • 3. RANGE UP TO 2200YD 
  • 4. HD-LCD display 
  • 5. Highly precise mechanical Interface wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Optional Laser Sight for clicker-alignment of Laser signal to any Reticle. 
  • 6. Data transmission:
  • The measured distance and Angle and trajectory calculation values can be transmitted to the sight reticle via Bluetooth.
  • 7. RED/BLACK display 
  • 8. Standard tripod interface 
  • 9. Powered by Applied Ballistics 
  • 10. Passed AB LAB tests 


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