Introducing the Next Generation of Aiming: 2024 LICOS Generation 2

Introducing the Next Generation of Aiming: LICOS Generation 2

The future of precision aiming is here: Get ready for the LICOS Generation 2, an innovative riflescope powered by cutting-edge screen projection technology that takes accuracy to a whole new level.

Building on the success of the original LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight, this next generation model surpasses traditional sights with its groundbreaking features:

  • Dynamic Ballistic Projection: Ditch the static BDC reticles! LICOS Gen 2 utilizes a miniature OLED chip to project real-time calculated ballistic points onto the red dot glass based on the measured distance. Different distances correspond to precise aiming points, eliminating guesswork and ensuring unparalleled accuracy across all ranges.
  • Say Goodbye to BDC Limitations: Traditional BDC reticles offer limited reference points, leaving you to estimate. LICOS Gen 2 provides dynamically adjusted aiming solutions for every distance, accounting for bullet drop, wind, and other factors for superior precision regardless of the target.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: The integrated OLED display doesn't just project aiming points; it also offers additional information like wind speed, temperature, and target distance, giving you a complete picture of the shooting environment.
  • Intuition Made Simple: The LICOS Gen 2 interface is designed for ease of use, allowing you to focus on the shot, not the technology.

With the LICOS Generation 2, you'll experience:

  • Unmatched accuracy at any distance
  • Simplified aiming thanks to real-time ballistic solutions
  • Enhanced confidence and awareness in every shot
  • A revolutionary leap in riflescope technology

Stay tuned for further updates on the LICOS Generation 2! Don't miss out on this game-changer in the world of precision aiming.

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