Henrich Ballistics Rangefinder For Precision Shooting

Powered by Applied Ballistics, Henrich ballistic rangefinder provides ballistic solutions out of the box to 875 yards and pair with smart phones to facilitate setting and data input.Bluetooth function will realize the data input from the smart phone, such as gun type, bullet model, wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure and other parameters related to trajectory to the ballistic chip in the range finder, after the rangefinder measuring the distance, in less than a second, the ballistic chip quickly calculates the trajectory correction value, and displayed it on the display screen of the rangefinder to tell the shooter the most accurate Intuitive MOA or MIL values. Henrich rangefinder of Tomahawk 2000BT and related APP are compatible with IOS 13 or above and Android 6 or above and upgraded version of Applied Ballistics. Our Tomahawk 2000BT and Applied Ballistics provide ballistic solution, the current ballistic distance is 875 yards.


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