About US

Welcome to our factory!

Step into the realm of excellence at Henrich Technology – where precision meets artistry, and each shot is a masterpiece. As the purveyor of high-end sports optics, we invite you to elevate your shot with optics designed exclusively for the discerning marksman.

From the genesis of an idea to the final inspection, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. At Henrich Technology, we meticulously oversee every stage, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance that resonate with the spirit of precision.

Experience the Henrich difference:

  1. Crystal-clear Focus: Envision a world where your targets come to life in razor-sharp clarity. Our sights are crafted to bring unparalleled precision, guaranteeing confident aiming with every shot. Witness the world through optics that redefine clarity.

  2. Instant Ballistic Mastery: Bid farewell to complex calculations. Our advanced computers, powered by Applied Ballistics Inc., deliver precise data for long-range accuracy. No more guesswork – just instant ballistic mastery that empowers you whether you're stalking game across canyons or dominating competitive stages.

  3. Built to Endure: In the face of harsh terrains and punishing weather, Henrich equipment stands as your unwavering companion. Crafted not just as tools but as reliable partners, our optics endure the elements, ensuring your focus remains undeterred.

  4. More than Just Hardware: Henrich Technology is more than a manufacturer; we are a team of passionate marksmen. Infused with the thrill of the hunt and an unyielding drive for innovation, we go beyond hardware to deliver an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Our DNA is woven with two core technologies:

1. Ballistic Mastery: Powered by Applied Ballistics Inc., our ballistic calculation engine stands as the most advanced in the market. Whether you're navigating canyons or conquering competitive stages, our algorithms eliminate the guesswork, paving the way for precise, long-range shooting.

2. Rangefinding Revolution: Since 2017, we've pioneered the integration of miniature rangefinders into scopes and sights. This is not a mere gimmick; it's a revolution in precision aiming. Say farewell to bulky external rangefinders and embrace the seamless elegance of one-shot accuracy.

At Henrich Technology, we don't just craft optics; we compose symphonies of precision. Step into a world where excellence is not just a standard but a way of life. Elevate your shot with Henrich – where every sight is a testament to the pursuit of perfection.

Embark on a journey of cutting-edge excellence with Henrich Technology, where our promise is not just a commitment but a testament to precision, performance, and relentless innovation.

Our Promise:

Advanced Technology: Step into our Beijing facility, a sanctuary of innovation where cutting-edge engineering and Applied Ballistics expertise converge. Here, we guarantee industry-leading solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible, setting new standards in the world of optics.

Comprehensive Range: Discover a realm where possibilities are boundless. From ballistic computers to smart red dot sights and rangefinders, our arsenal encompasses a comprehensive range of tools. Each meticulously crafted instrument is designed to excel in its unique scenario, ensuring you have the perfect companion for every endeavor.

Customization Options: At Henrich Technology, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a spectrum of customization options – ODM, OEM, and dedicated custom support. Tailor our products to your exact needs and preferences, ensuring that each optic is a reflection of your individuality and requirements.

Henrich Technology transcends the status of a brand; it is a commitment etched in the language of precision and performance. We don't merely create tools; we engineer experiences that redefine the art of shooting. Our relentless pursuit of innovation ensures that each product bears the hallmark of excellence, setting a benchmark for the industry.

In a world inundated with options, choose Henrich for a promise that goes beyond optics – a promise that resonates with the spirit of precision, performance, and an unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Elevate your expectations with Henrich Technology – where innovation knows no limits.