**Licos Smart Red Dot Sight Features:**

1. **Three Models to Choose From:** LICOS400, LICOS600, LICOS900.

2. **Measuring Distance:** 2-400 yards, 2-600 yards, 2-900 yards. Users can know the distance, angle, and azimuth simultaneously. The built-in rangefinder provides accurate and precise distance measurements when aiming.

3. **Excellent Performance:** High transmittance red notch reflector for excellent brightness, light transmittance, and zero distortion. Highly precise measuring even in difficult conditions.

4. **Compatible with All Firearms:** The open reflex LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight is ideal for MSR rifles, shotguns, PCC, and submachine guns. It features a 4 MOA dot with multiple intensity settings for rapid target engagement under a full range of lighting conditions.

5. **Highly Precise Mechanical Interface:** Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Optional laser sight for clicker-alignment of the laser signal to any reticle.

6. **High-Quality Materials:** CNC fine grinding, aviation aluminum housing ensures lifetime reliable performance.

7. **Easy to Install:** Universal guide rail slots can be installed on any track fitted with a Picatinny rail.

8. **Long Battery Life:** Powered by one CR2-3V battery, with a lifetime of 5000 uses.


- Accurate distance measuring up to more than 600 yards
- Inclinometer
- Scan mode
- CR2-3V battery
- OLED display
- Yards/meters switchable
- Bluetooth communication (coming soon)
- Wired communication (optional)
- Ballistic calculation (coming soon)

**Dimensions & Weight:**

- Dimensions: 11.60×5.03×6.85 cm
- Net weight: 440g

**Packaging Size and Quantity:**

- Size/box: 23x17x10 cm
- Size/carton: 47×36.50×56 cm
- 20 boxes/carton
- Weight/carton: 24.00 kg

**Quality Guarantees:**

- 6-month full replacement
- 2-year warranty
- Lifetime maintenance
- CE, RoHS, FCC, FDA certificates
- 1000G recoil testing for our LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight

The key step of 1000G recoil testing for our LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight has been completed since last November. Recoil testing is a fundamental part of the design and testing process to ensure the sight can handle the calibers it’s designed for, as well as general knocks sustained during its lifetime. We put our red dot sights through 1000 rounds on our Shock-Test machine, which delivers up to 1000G’s of force. The results are then reviewed, and the sight is range tested to ensure it meets specifications. During production testing, the red dot sight may go through 2-4 cycles of this.

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